Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Finds

The DH and I hit four estate sales Saturday but everything I bought came from the first one. He didn't find a thing but it was a nice day - and we knew bad weather was headed our way - so we enjoyed the sun and had a nice lunch at a favorite spot on the other side of town.

Even the first sale didn't look promising at first, but there was lace - a King Edward box filled with tatting. There were a couple of pretty pillow case edges buried in the bottom. A bit high priced, but there's quite a bit of yardage there and I just can't leave a sale without this stuff.
Another thing I can't seem to leave, even though they don't sell that well, are tissue holders. This is the first I've seen in this style - already painted aqua and with the painted stainless steel cover. The cover slides off to one side, and there are holes to hang it on the wall. The flowered hat still has the original price tag attached. 

These 1950s patterns are fun. A couple are unused. Patterns are sort of "hit or miss" sellers, but the envelopes provide fun cutouts for journals and the tissue is good for packing.

 This scrapbook has never been used. The little felt sandals were too cute to leave, and the embroidered piece has two birds which made it an instant keeper.

We're expecting more snow and maybe ice this weekend so I doubt there will be junqueing. My 30+-year-old sewing machine died last week so I have a brand new electronic one to learn. That should keep me occupied!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day, and sharing a few more heart-themed creations. This little piece was made from the lid of a candy box and embellished with copies of a vintage Valentine, crepe paper festooning, and Stickles. The background is the same Authentique paper that I used for the tags from my last post. 

A couple of years ago I stamped and sewed hearts on a few tags, inspired by Jackie of Good Grief Girdie fame. I can't find a pic of Jackie's on her blog but they were all wonderful, just like everything she makes. I had used plain manila tags for mine and didn't like the way they looked. Last week I decided to cut this stamped heart and surrounding seam binding ruffle from the original tag and use it to create this more colorful tag.

Much better! I have two more and I'll give them the same treatment as soon as I find the right embellishments.

Enjoy your day of love, everyone!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Here's My Heart!

There's been a bit of Valentine creating going on here. I joined in on Paper Crown's Valentine Postcard Swap and that inspired me to make a few things.

For the swap I copied a vintage Valentine and used it to create two tags. One will go to another participant and one will be displayed in the store. 

I'm crazy for the vintage rose trim and it goes perfectly with the pretty background paper from Authentique. The cream crepe paper, doily and little bouquet are also vintage. 

The back was just a bit too plain so I added two little hearts and a bit of lace trim after I took this photo. When I dropped my postcards off at Paper Crown there were already several on display - all wonderful! I'm excited to see whose I receive!

Cindy, the owner of Paper Crown, is the sweetest person and always doing something nice for someone. Since she's the swap "hostess" (and is giving everyone who participates a $5 gift card!) I made her a little box of goodies.

The embossed roses were cut from a vintage greeting card. The gorgeous paper on the sides is by Anna Griffin. The lace heart trim came from a recent estate sale.

I filled the box with vintage trim, buttons, a buckle, an earring, and a few other tiny items. I then bagged it up with some chocolate hearts. Hope she enjoys it all.

More later! I have a couple of other Valentine themed projects in the works.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You Know It's All About the Lace...

Vintage lace is one of my very favorite things so I'm always happy to find it at estate or garage sales, flea markets or antique stores - just anywhere! January sales yielded a fairly good selection of lace and other trims. Click on any photo to see a larger shot.

My favorite in the grouping above is the darker embroidered organza trim. I like the cafe' au lait coloring and delicate design.

The lace and trim above all came in a large bag - the only thing I purchased at that particular sale. I wasn't that excited about it at first but when I got home and dug through the bag there were some nice pieces. The embroidered rick rack is a favorite, and there were several little trinkets with it that have been added to my stash of "odd bits."

A local vendor had leftovers from a couple of estate sales and offered them at a small community fairgrounds a few weeks ago. I hadn't made it ten feet past the front door before the DH directed me to a table of lace and trim. He's a good scout! I got all the pretties above and more. 

I've never seen the Bonnie Brand bias tape before. It's soft and shiny polished cotton and looks to be a bit higher quality than what one normally sees.

These tiny heads came from the fairgrounds sale. The smallest is about an inch high. There's a chip on the shoulder of the girl but I love her face.

Last weekend was a bit of a bust sale-wise, but I did find this sweet little flower pot and a bit of bling. Aren't the rhinestone earrings and necklace wonderful?

I'm not seeing much of interest on the sale calendar for the upcoming weekend either, but keeping my fingers crossed!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Girl in Town

Last Thursday I went to an estate sale where I asked the sales clerk if it would be possible to just transport an entire room to my house. The homeowner had been a seamstress, and there were bins and bins of mostly vintage lace (not antique, but 60s to 80s vintage) patterns, notions, buttons, and two dress forms. I wanted both dress forms, but didn't need them and didn't really have room for them. I decided to leave them, even though the prices were reasonable. 

On Saturday - half price day - the pull of vintage trim was too great, so back I went. Both dress forms were still there, and I just couldn't leave without the better one. 
She doesn't have a name yet. Her foam is showing a bit at the bottom but I plan to put a fun dress or skirt on her so that won't matter. I like that her proportions are more generous than my mannequin. Apparently the previous owner had to add a bit of padding to her tummy and hips at some point - I can totally relate. I thought about removing the extra but decided to leave her be as she seems comfortable with her size. 
She's been making herself useful, displaying some of my lovely necklaces. Her tattoo is a bit distracting, but I like it.
I may put her to work displaying items for my Etsy shop. We'll see. The lack of a head could be a problem.

Just FYI, Stewartform applied for a patent for this style of dress form in 1963. I only found one other online so they may not have been overly popular (don't tell her!)

I'll show some of the lace from this sale and another in my next post.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Attire for the New Year

When I first bought my mannequin I dressed her in a pretty vintage aqua jacquard dress. I loved it and loved the color in my studio - it was so much prettier than it looks here - but the dress was too small for her and had to be left open in the back. No one saw, but still...

So, I sold the aqua dress and tarted her up in a "girls just want to have fun" red party dress with gold sequins.

This one was much too big and had to be clipped in the back. Plus, I don't love red. It stood out like a sore thumb in a room full of neutrals with touches of aqua and pink. The dress was fun, but it annoyed me every time I walked into the room.  

So...I've been on the lookout. A few weeks ago there was an estate sale at the former home of a local antique dealer. I found lots of pretty things, but my favorite was this vintage dress.

It's a bit stained and has a large tear in the skirt but it's on a seam and can be mended. The entire dress is rows of lace stitched together. The ribbon is black velvet. There are no labels, so I'm guessing it was home sewn but don't know for sure.

I think this dress is pretty amazing. It fits my mannequin perfectly, and the price was so low I gasped when they told me.

I'm thrilled with it, and now I smile every time I walk into the room and see my Southern Belle mannequin.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Etsy Stats

This post may not interest anyone at all, but for those who hate statistics I've included photos of a few of my favorite Etsy sales from the past year to add some fun.

Vintage Beaded Sweater

My Etsy shop is something I started after I retired as a way to possibly make a bit of extra cash for art supplies and classes and as a way to spread the wealth - so to speak - from the estate sale shopping I love so much. I do make some effort to promote my shop but not in a big way and haven't paid a lot of attention to demographics (bad shop owner!)

Vintage Nightgowns
I truly DO appreciate all my customers, and while I was doing some year-end paperwork I decided to really look at where they're from. I already knew that California is by far my best source for customers in the US (89 orders since I opened my shop) and that Australia is my best international market (9 orders.) I hoped that I'd had customers in every state, but not quite - vintage lovers in Connecticut, Vermont and Wyoming haven't found me yet. Ditto for DC.

Vintage Ribbon with Metal Dispenser

Florida and Washington each represent 21 orders, and there have been 20 from Texas, 19 from Michigan, 17 from New York and 16 from Illinois.

Vintage Millinery

There have been 13 orders each from Ohio and Pennsylvania, and 12 from Oregon. I've had 12 on-line sales in Oklahoma, but many more at the two Glitter Markets here in Oklahoma City last year and a few at a two-day antique and vintage show in 2013. 

Vintage Pendleton 49er

I've had five orders from Canada, four from the UK, and one each from Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Japan and Italy. I don't usually list international shipping rates in my shop, so I'm thrilled when people like my items enough to contact me for international shipping.

Vintage Glass Ornaments

I won't list all the states where I've had fewer than twelve customers, although they're certainly as important to me as all the others. 

If you've been a customer, thank you very much. And if you've made it this far, I appreciate your indulging my statistical curiosity and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. 

Last, but certainly one of my best sellers - vintage lace!
I'll be showing off my mannequin's new attire in my next post. She's gone from "girls just want to have fun" to Southern Belle.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review

2014 seems to have been the Year of the Book for me. I made books for gifts and book pages for swaps and started on a handmade journal.

I made pink fabric books - one in February for Laurie

and another in September for Terry.

In August at a craft day with friends, we made little books from 12x12 paper. I've made a couple more since then. They're fun and easy.

In September I made pages for Karla Nathan's Nature's Blessings Journal Swap.

In December I finally got around to posting photos of the Nature's Blessings journal I received. There were so many lovely pages, and it took two posts to show them all. You can find them here and here.

In November I joined in on the Button Floozies White Christmas Button Book swap, which I posted about in December. I loved the book I made...

as well as the one I received.

I participated in a December journal swap... 

and made another December journal for a family gift exchange.

In addition I started on my first handmade journal, using Mary Ann Moss's Full Tilt Boogie online class as a guide. I've yet to finish it but hope to soon. I'm also trying to finish a journal I started in 2010 after attending Silver Bella. More on those in 2015!

Vintage lace is one of my favorite things, and I found lots of it in 2014.

Cindy Winter at Paper Crown invited me to be a vendor for their Spring and Fall Glitter Markets. This was a great opportunity for me as both markets were truly enjoyable and I was very pleased with my sales.

In February Paper Crown hosted a Valentine Soiree - lots of fun and a beautiful project.

Another highlight of the year was attending Karla Nathan's Birdsong 4 event in June. I did several Birdsong posts in June and one in July. Click here to see the class projects.

In addition to journal swaps, Laurie hosted a heart-themed 3-Inchie swap that I joined. Mine is in the lower right corner. I love them all and need to make them into a little book or banner - another project for the new year.

There were also swaps at Birdsong, including a banner swap and altered bottle swap. Here's one piece of the banner I made, but if you haven't seen it, you'll want to click here to see the beautiful banner Tami made for me.

Then there was the Vintage Darling's Snippet Roll swap hosted by Heidi of Sugah Beez.  Click here to see what I made, and here to see the wonderful snippet roll I received from Tabitha.

Laurie and I swapped vintage Christmas goodness in October. She sent me mountains of wonderful things that you can see here, and see what I sent to her on her blog here.

That pretty much wraps up my 2014. Hope yours was wonderful, and I wish you a very creative and enjoyable New Year!